“I didn’t think I could know anything else because it has been in the news since 1978-79. This movie is a comprehensive fascinating documentary that puts it all together. It has voices from all over the world talking about where we are, and also the danger of Iran’s nuclear program…This documentary is a very good starting point, and it’s also a very educational film for people who thought they knew everything about the dangers of Iran.”
- Jeffrey Lyons, noted film critic and author since 1971

“A phenomenal film…A must-see documentary”
-Sean Hannity, top-10 radio and television commentator

“It is a film that is powerful and important, about one of the biggest threats in our world…It is an eye-opening, riveting, deeply disturbing film.”
-Michael Medved, top-10 radio personality

“The Iranian threat to the world is profound.  [The regime's] illicit quest for nuclear weapons must be confronted, and Iranium reminds us why we must stand together as Americans in support of our national security and our democratic values.”
- Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL, 19th district)

“America can no longer hide from the truth of the enemy we face. Iranium brings this truth to every freedom loving citizen of our Constitutional Republic, and indeed the world.  With the current events occurring all across the Middle East, it is imperative that Iranium receives the greatest attention, lest history repeats itself.”
- Rep. LTC(R) Allen B. West (R-FL, 22nd district)

Iranium is very well done. It is quite comprehensive.”
-John Batchelor, nationally-syndicated radio host

Films like this are terribly important in winning the battle for a sensible policy. You will find virtually everyone who appears in this film to be deeply knowledgeable.
- Richard Perle, American Enterprise Institute

“I would give this [film] a 4 out of 5. It is well worth watching…In the contemporary debate, from Tunisia sweeping East through to Egypt, the entire region, it is an important documentary.”
– James Moore, Canadian Heritage Minister

Iranium is right to say that Iran armed with nuclear weapons would be a disaster…By all means go to see the film…”
- John Mundy, former Canadian ambassador to Iran

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