Big Brother Iran

Google has warned users in Iran to “secure their accounts” following an unidentified hacker who generated fake website verification certificates that may have allowed the Iranian government to spy on its citizens – including dissidents – by intercepting communications.

The company highlighted five separate steps, beginning with changing passwords and verifying account recovery options to ensure that alternate e-mail addresses and phone numbers are updated. It went on to advise users to make sure unfamiliar apps and Web sites did not have access to their accounts and that e-mails were not being automatically forwarded to suspicious, unknown addresses.

Google was not the

only website affected. The hacker also produced fake certificates for sites such as Skype and Facebook.

This blatant abuse of privacy is yet another indication that Iran is beefing up its “Big Brother” bullying tactics on its citizens. From arresting Iranian youth for having a water pistol fight, to banning newspapers and now, spying on people’s private communications, you have to wonder when the people of Iran will simply say, “enough!” and start to really fight back.