30 Years After, David Horowitz Freedom Center & Republican Jewish Coalition together with the producers of Iranium invite you to join us for a film premiere.

Guest Speaker: Raphael Shore – Producer
Date: Tuesday February 8, 2011
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: AMC Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90067

Ticket Price:  **Online ticket sales are now closed. Tickets may still be purchased at the theater.**

If you have any questions about this event please contact: tali@eventsorganized.com or call (323) 937-0980

Looking forward to seeing you at the showing.

Top 7 Tips To Boost Your eBook Sales

Have a professional cover design

Hopefully, you have used the right tools to format and edit your eBook. The next step now is ensuring that the cover itself captures a prospective buyer’s attention immediately. The cover design is a very big factor in determining how well you promote your eBook.

The first thing is to have a professional create wholesale jerseys the design (unless you are one yourself). Look online for some of the best eBook cover designs and then use these ideas to help an expert create what you want.

Of course a professional designer will cost money but do not compromise on this. It is an wholesale jerseys shop investment you have to make if at all you want to earn from your work.

Sell your eBook on different stores

Amazon may have a lot of prospective customers, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Submit your eBook to multiple stores to make sure that it gets as much exposure as possible. Even small online stores will substantially add to your total revenue. If you are writing your first book, getting this audience is a big challenge. One way of going about it is by giving the eBook away for free for a limited period of time. Even better, wholesale nba jerseys you can give your first book away for free and then use the gained following to make huge sales with your subsequent books.

Free giveaways can also help you gauge the success of the eBook and give you an idea of how much you can earn from it.

A good review can make all the difference in terms of eBook sales. There are sites that provide eBook reviews. Submit your work here. In addition, get satisfied readers and eBook stores to give their testimonials about the eBook. This will give you a lot more exposure and more people will trust you.

Whether you are selling your eBook on Amazon or anywhere else, make sure that your sales page is highly appealing. Fill it with quotes from your eBook, reviews from customers and testimonials. Tell people what to expect and make them anticipate reading your work.

It is advisable to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) into your sales page to make it easier for people to find it online.

It is very important to connect with your readers, both current and prospective. The best way to do this is through cheap jerseys from china forums and social media networks. This interaction will also attract other people and multiply your following.

You may have done everything perfectly well up to this point but then mess up when it comes to putting a price on your eBook. Generally eBooks are priced much lower than printed books due to the lower production cost. In fact, the low prices have been instrumental in driving up the popularity and success of eBooks.

So be careful not to overprice it such that people don’t buy it. Ideally, eBooks are sold under $10. For fiction, it should be under $7. This way, you will sell enough books to get good returns.Articles ConnexesÔľö

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