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Non-Muslims, women, political dissidents, and homosexuals have been favored targets of human rights abuse by the Iranian regime. The government has denied and abused the civil, political, and sexual rights of these groups.

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Sexual assault by deception could become a criminal offense Mischele Lewis was duped out of $5,000 by a man she loved who wasn who he said he was. MICHAEL PRONZATO / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERIt will never stop. But wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere that a
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control aggressive and violent behavior. Players bring the violence and aggressive energy they have on the field home. After practice or a game, a player’s adrenaline is flowing and they may have a lot of extra energy. If the player was in a big game that his team lost, this can increase the likelihood of violence at home. When you take the environment of football where problems between players are sometimes solved in scuffles and pushing each other around, this behavior becomes second nature to players. In football, if somebody gets in your face, you push them away. However, there is a huge difference between pushing a strong 275 lb player out of your face and pushing
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Iran Blocks Virtual U.S. Embassy Just Hours After Being Launched

The latest brainchild of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the virtual U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Not actually an embassy at all (i.e. it offers no consular services whatsoever) the site is clearly at attempt to promote the United States and American democratic values to millions of Iranians.

The Iranian authorities were none too pleased about the?site (which is in English and Farsi) being up and managed to block it within a matter of hours of the site being launched.

The semi-official Fars news agency commented on the blocking of the U.S. website, saying, “A decisive reaction by Iranian authorities has neutralized another sly plot by the Americans. ”

“In accordance with the cybercrime law, access to this website is not possible,” read a notice to anyone inside Iran trying to visit

The White House condemned the effort by Tehran to control “what the Iranian people see and hear,” and said it remained committed to engaging in dialogue with the Iranian people. “Through this action, the Iranian government has once again demonstrated its commitment to build an electronic curtain of surveillance and censorship around its people,” it said. The United

States has had no diplomatic relations with Iran since its embassy in Tehran was stormed in 1979 — the year of the Islamic Revolution — and its staff held hostage for 444 days. Washington has since sought to isolate Iran, leading international sanctions against nuclear activities it believes are aimed at making the atom bomb — a charge Tehran denies. The website was launched one week after British diplomats fled Iran after their embassy was stormed by radical youths, bringing Tehran’s relations with Europe to a new low.

All is not lost however. Many?Iranians will still be able to access the site by using a virtual private network, or VPN — software that can subvert the government filter and is essential for the millions of Facebook users in the Islamic state. The State Department said it believed Iranians would still have access to the website through VPNs or other means.

Go Hillary.

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Iranian Women Activists Fight Controversial ‘Polygamy’ Bill

An Iranian government bill which has been sitting on the back-burner of legislation for  years has resurfaced and if passed through parliament and enacted will only further impinge on women’s rights in Iran – a country which already regards women as second class citizens.

The Iranian government calls it the Family Protection Bill, but activists call it the “Anti-Family Protection Bill.” It would give men the right to take a second wife without the permission of the first, and it would enshrine a man’s right to have an unlimited number of temporary marriages, which can last from 10 minutes to 99 years. Those arrangements come from Shariah law and have always existed in Iran, but the Family Protection Bill would make them official.

Two groups – the International Coalition Against Violence in Iran, and the Association of Iranian Researchers – arranged a press conference in London last week to raise awareness of the issue.

Women opposed to the articles in the bill that pertain to polygamy went on a brave and creative odyssey more than a year ago to confront it, traveling around Iran to talk to women whose lives have been adversely affected by their husbands taking second wives.

The women wrote their stories on pieces of cloth; if they were illiterate, they had someone else write them down. Then they sewed the pieces together into a quilt.

The quilt is still in Iran, but a digital image was smuggled out.

“Most of the stories are from around Iran, not from Tehran. They are sad stories,” said Rouhi Shafii of the International Coalition Against Violence in Iran.

Here is

a translation of one of the stories:

“A few years after my marriage, my husband started telling me, jokingly, that I looked like an old woman. I was five years younger than he. He began beating me and broke my hands several times. When he talked of taking up another wife, I took it as a joke. He wouldn’t do that, I thought. We have two children. But one day he married a young girl and wanted to get a two story building to bring his bride to live with us. I made him swear on the Koran not to do that, and he took his child bride elsewhere. He forgot about us and spent all his earning enjoying his bride. I was providing for the children by working at people’s homes or hairdressing salons. My younger son says: ‘when I grow up, I will kill my dad.’”

A group of women activists also gathered 15,000 signatures from women opposed to the law – signatures complete with their addresses – a very brave action in Iran where so-called “dissidents” are often interrogated, arrested and jailed or worse. The activists brought the signatures and the quilt to Parliament last year, to try to stop the legalization of the polygamy articles as part of the new law. Parliament accepted the signatures, but would not take the quilt.

The ‘Chehel Tikeh’ banner tour is aimed at raising awareness about the discriminatory bill

The activists say they discovered that at least 65 male members of the country’s 290-strong parliament had two or more wives. This is despite the fact that polygamy contravenes the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which Iran has ratified. Article 23 stipulates that states must ensure that men and women have equal rights when marrying or at the dissolution of marriage.

Unfortunately, the activists could not count on female Members of Parliament for support as many are as conservative as the men, and support the legislation.

At this point, the two articles of the bill that deal with polygamy are on hold, but they have not been canceled out of the bill. Shafii believes activism has kept those bills from being passed so far.

Take Action!
To learn more about the important work of the International Coalition Against Violence in Iran visit their website.

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After 20 Years, Iran Finally To Be Reviewed by UN Human Rights Committee

Not that we should be all that surprised at the woeful inadequacy of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, but it’s taken them close to 20 years to review the appalling human rights record of Iran. That’s right – Iran was last reviewed by the committee in 1993 when its experts condemned “the extremely high number of death sentences that are pronounced and carried out, in many cases after a trial where the guarantees of a regular hearing were not applied in an appropriate manner”. The council equally denounced the application of extreme disciplinary measures, including flagellation and stoning.

Clearly, their condemnation was not all that strong given how long it has taken for the committee to address the extremely serious situation in Iran where there has been a disturbing rise in the incidences of human rights abuses and freedom of speech for many years now, but particularly since the fraudulent re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

Starting today, Iranian officials will face questions from the 18 independent experts who make up the UN committee that monitors implementation of the International Covenant

on Civil and Political Rights among state-parties. The review is set to begin with the presentation of a 224-page report produced by the experts and will wrap on Tuesday when the committee presents its conclusions.

Perhaps the committee’s recommendations will be reviewed in another 20 years?

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FREE! US Hikers Finally Released

After spending more than two years in an Iranian prison, accused of spying for the United States, American hikers, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were finally released yesterday on

$1 million dollars bail.

They were released into the custody of the Omani envoy, and were then flown to Oman, which is an ally of the US and has friendly ties with Tehran. A third American in the group at the time of their arrest, Sarah Shourd, was freed in 2010 on bail.

Mr Fattal said: “We’re so happy we are free,” while Mr Bauer added: “Two years in prison is too long.” Mr Bauer said he hoped their release from jail will also bring “freedom for political prisoners in America and Iran”.

US President Barack Obama called it “wonderful, wonderful news about the hikers, we are thrilled. It’s a wonderful day for them and for us.”

Many are seeing the release of the hikers as thinly-disguised publicity stunt to gain US and international favor by Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who is currently in New York to attend the UN General Assembly.

Watch news clip here.

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Iran Arrests 6 Filmmakers Accused of Working for BBC

Iranian authorities have arrested a group of 6 filmmakers accusing them of working for the BBC Persian service and seeking to portray a negative image of the Islamic state , which is banned in the country. The arrests came a day after the service showed a documentary on Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Few western journalists are permitted to work in Iran where the government views much of the foreign media with suspicion. The BBC’s Farsi-language TV news service is only available to owners of illegal satellite receivers and its signal is often jammed. BBC Persian broadcasts live news, documentaries and entertainment programmes aimed at Farsi speakers, mostly in Iran and Afghanistan. Terrestrial

Iranian television is completely controlled by the state.

Iranian newspaper Resalat said five men and one woman had been arrested, identifying them only by their initials. “They were members of a network which supplies information, produces films and clandestine reports for the BBC Persian programme, aimed at portraying a bleak picture of Iran,” Resalat said.

In London, the BBC said in a statement that the six filmmakers arrested in Iran were not BBC staffers but “independent documentary filmmakers whose films have been screened in festivals and other venues internationally.” The BBC’s language service chief Liliane Landor said the arrests were part of the “ongoing efforts by the Iranian government to put pressure on the BBC” to influence its impartial and balanced coverage of its Farsi-language TV broadcasts.

Tehran denies the charge, saying it allows free speech. Iranian journalists say they have to tread carefully in their reporting to avoid having their publications closed.

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