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Your guide to local Easter Egg hunts

Third St.; raffle prize drawing for a 42 inch flatscreen television, tickets $1; every bingo winner will receive a ham or two chickens; bring a can of food to donate to receive one free bingo card;
cheap Michael Kors outlet proceeds support the
cheap Michael Kors 2012 Wahkiakum County Fair. April 7, Camp Kalama, 5055 Meeker Drive; ages 1 12; sponsored by the Kalama Lions Club. April 7, Grace Bible Fellowship, 300 S. 10th Ave. April 7, Bethany Lutheran Church, 2900 Parkview Drive, Longview; ages 1 12; start with watching a DVD and a light breakfast; Easter egg hunt to follow;
Michael Kors handbags outlet 577 8240. April 7, Robert Gray Baptist Church, 2448 46th Ave., Longview; Easter egg hunt, games and prizes; 425 8250. April 7, Kelso High School track field, 1904 Allen St., Kelso; separate hunt for small children; sponsored by the Kelso Lions Club. April 7, Roy Morse
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Park, Longview; free for four age groups of children ages 9 and younger; sponsored by KLOG/KUKN/The WAVE and Fibre Federal Credit Union.
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet April 8, First Christian Church, 2000 E. Kessler Blvd., Longview; open to children of all ages; eggs filled with candy; each child receives a small Bible to
Michael Kors handbags outlet take home. April 7, merchants in the 1200, 1300 and 1400 blocks of Commerce Avenue and businesses on Broadway, Hudson Street and 14th Avenue in Longview will showcase the Bunny Hunt with window displays, egg hunts, passport sticker distribution and coupons or
replica Michael Kors handbags merchandise offers; passports available at participating locations; merchants may hide eggs in stores for hunting and sticker passports at each location.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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from china never opened the servant s cupboard with the key that had been gucci watches men taken from her when she was searched
oakley sunglasses discount in prison. All he louis vuitton cosmetic bag did was to reduce the report
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fake cheap oakleys balance and to return to his office with his posse comitatus at kate spade charm heel his heels. It was necessary to summon the witnesses and examine
fake oakleys cheap them. louis vuitton handbags official site But the Procurator Revel now conveniently remembered the story of the michael kors
fake oakleys cheap catalog poisoned dinner, and he sent the Lieutenant Criminel to examine the Duparcs louis vuitton for sale cheap and their friends at the private residence of the family, in pre owned louis vuitton consideration of the sickly condition of the eaters of the adulterated c learance louis vuitton meal. It may be as well to observe, here as elsewhere, christian louboutin online shopping that these highly indulged personages had none of them been sufficiently prada outlet livermore inconvenienced even to go to bed, or in any way to moncler vest sale alter their ordinary habits. On the afternoon of
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and a pledge to remember

On Friday, members of the Regina branch of the Royal Canadian Legion gathered in front of city hall to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe.

REGINA Jason Antonio’s voice came close to breaking as he talked about what he saw one year ago at the Holten Canadian War Cemetery in the Netherlands.

Thousands of Dutch men and women poured into the cemetery, politely fitting themselves around the headstones of the almost 1,400 young Canadians buried there.

And, then, a group of children appeared and put yellow carnations in front
fake oakley wholesale of the individual headstones, repeating this pledge: "We will remember you."

You see, in the Netherlands, people young and old still care deeply about the sacrifices of Canada’s Second World War veterans.

In Canada, the job of remembering veterans and their stories is being passed to younger people, like Antonio, a young military history buff and member of the Royal Canadian
fake cheap oakley sunglasses Legion’s Regina branch. That’s why he agreed to be master of ceremonies Friday morning at a small, dignified ceremony at Regina City Hall marking 70 years since the Allied victory in Europe what’s come to be known as VE Day.

A colour party marched smartly onto Queen Elizabeth II Square, where the Legion’s flag was raised to salute Second World War veterans, only 85,000 of whom remain alive in Canada.

It’s because of their service "that we enjoy our freedoms today," said Mayor Michael Fougere, himself the son of a Second World War veteran. "This is the most important part of the message that I bring today: simply to say ‘Thank you. We are humbled. You have preserved our freedoms, our democratic freedoms, to move our country forward.’"

"I simply want to say thank you so very, very much."From memory, Antonio offered a list of local veterans and their stories: Harold Hague, who spent D Day 1944 aboard a Canadian minesweeper protecting from attacking the flanks of the Allied invasion fleet.

There’s Tom Crump, who kept fighter planes flying in the Middle East and Northwest Europe, and Dave Ewart, who transferred from infantry to tanks.

The late Gaenel McCaw was a torpedo bomber pilot who was shot down and sent to a German prisoner of war camp, where he watched out for
fake oakleys cheap prowling German guards in the run up to 1944′s "Great Escape".

"Dates like this are always important because they don’t come around very often," Antonio said later. "The end of the Second World War in Europe, its 70th anniversary, is monumental. The end of the Second World War, period, is in September that’s huge.

"In another five or 10 years, there may not be many more veterans left to relate these stories. So it’s always important to be cognizant of the date
fake cheap oakleys and at the same time, to remember these veterans."On Monday, May 7, 1945, the weather was even colder than it’s been this week. But people wanted to celebrate the Allies’ victory after six long years of war.

So a thousand Reginans found their way to 12th Avenue for a street dance that went until midnight. Most were civilians most of the servicemen and women in town were at an even bigger dance inside the Regina Armoury.

Prominent on the Leader Post’s front page the next day was a report of a backlog of 3,000 or so casualty notices killed, wounded and missing. Two articles in that day’s newspaper put human faces on this toll: the deaths of an army lieutenant from Broadview and a lance corporal from Dilke.

A young British war bride who came through Regina’s Union Station (now Casino Regina) on the way to her new husband’s hometown in rural southwest Saskatchewan, thought hard before telling a
cheap oakley sunglasses reporter her thoughts on the war’s end. "It was not at all what I
cheap oakleys expected. I don’t know just what I did expect, but I think I should have felt it more if I had been with my husband or in England with my people."

In churches around the city, priests and ministers tried to make sense of what was happening. "Hitler left us no other way," said Rev. Bates of Metropolitan Methodist Church on Lorne Street. "It was not simply a struggle for power between nations, but a war of ideals."

At Queen City Gardens an arena just south of 13th Avenue near where Safeway now sits," thousands of people flooded in that Tuesday. Reporter Victor Mackie watched a middle aged couple, who’d lost a son, stand at attention as the armed forces took their places in the floor. "They had a lost, hopeless look that did not brighten," he wrote. "When The Last Post was played at the conclusion of the ceremony, the wife finally lost her hard earned composure and wept."

Nearby, "a women cried and laughed and hugged the small
fake cheap oakleys child she had in her arms. Her husband was in a hospital in England."

A victory parade went west on 11th Avenue, then north to Dewdney, where another reporter watched a streetcar, package with people including "two soldiers, half in and half out of one of the windows."

And from somewhere Europe, former Leader Post managing editor Jack Cook hitched a ride on an RCAF transport carrying wounded British soldiers home: one with an injured ankle, another with bandages on his face, plus 18 stretcher cases all skillfully tended by a tiny Scottish girl of 19 who told Cook about her plans for the future: go home, get a job and help her mother
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Wrote Cook, who’d spent five long years in Britain and Northwest Europe, also wrote about the wasteland that was Germany and the long lines of German soldiers trudging toward British prisoner of war camps.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Broadcasting my thoughts

Gloves to block the deadly blow of the crisis Yuexing Quebec, tough Warriors for placement poison sac could not be better. Emperors snake, python around suddenly a commotion, the king is dead, have Zuoniaoshousan. The opposite Chixue King snake obviously has a certain Euro RSCG see competition for the site for many years with his imperial snake is dead, just escape like stampeding, its body is great, but fast, like a light touch of amusement like snakes into shuttle, retaining its anterior similar have been ferocious in the sky to break open, just that it is a color too garish, not to mention falling into the eyes of the sunglass Where can escape. the sunglass immediate volley Feizong, right sleeve roll a stitch sleeve heaven and earth art of suddenly launched a large group of python by its the void Juanzhu while and then dumped to fly to Chixue King snake above the anterior, blocking its path. sleeve heaven and earth This is an immeasurable cases Budokan mighty Warriors, extreme can be rolled attached stars, been sunglass learn and use, and can be considered to mind dexterity. the Ferricyanide King snake escape being Huan, empty a large group suddenly when the snakes fall hit seven dirty eight elements, dusky mind yet to be it recovered by the force of the impact when empty a purple thunderbolt fall, ferocious hit on which the Ferricyanide King snake skin of the body can not be the enemy suddenly tear cleft in two, half of its venom is more insidious, when the floor silently, but the things touch objects foes withered gray, suddenly vigor to make off with inanimate objects, dead as a stone dry spot Zohar vulnerable such as paper, the external force touched, they fall apart this the Ferricyanide King snake toxicity the emperors even greater than the snake is more insidious. sunglass accept everything, remove the poison sac involved Securidaca gloves into, and later placed in Qiankun Dai a secluded corner. put away this two snakes in Gangster, the mountain is covered with snakes scurrying, neighing constantly. sunglass looked at these snakes, a time do not know how to find the lair of anxiety snake mountain great deep, covers an area of a radius of a few miles into the mountain will certainly Tam Quan many do not know snake living in a Tam Quan into He thought for a moment and see the black gas is most concentrated on the hill, rumored black gas is snake breath, turned him toward the gas is the most full bodied black Feizong away to the hills, they found empty, no pit, he found himself in the wrong place immediately replaced by another one direction, continue to search for is the so called Lookout Mountain to run dead horse, sunglass busy half hour never find a pit, it touches on a lot of pit gully, but it is not a drop of water, which makes He puzzled rumored snake overbearing personality shelter inevitable multi spring, how I run a small half hills, never saw a pit? thought for a moment, can not think of it herself, just diligent fool, inch by inch mountain search may at this point, he looked down to see a python is bloated body creeping forward, constantly dripping liquid water between the snake bit him. that clear water droplets, is clearly not the venom. python way acting very strange, do find some remote forested gravel land, to be able to cover up her half of the body, walk on the ground between

Segment let you complete psychological breakdown, it seems now is a failure. Yuexing Kui suddenly looked up, quietly watching sunglass eyes water is generally clear. I was not unpopular with you, in fact I hate you Life, but at the moment I can not kill you, but I can not go back to the Tamrac brutal the Huxing magic Ray Chiba not allow a disgraced sacrifice alive, I go back and it is a dead replica oakley sunglasses end, so or I should keep the six circles in the concept of God, stay in your side, to see how you are dead. Month Star Qui wisp of hanging sideburns stroked, the water is generally quiet and looked tirelessly Road tone, but his mouth one people palpitations Yinhen. 10,000 evil Demon 36 Star Kui, and both is Yinhen sinister role. sunglass disagree, smiled and took the words: or keep in my side, once you find opportunities will I kill? dangerous Yuexing Qui quietly watching sunglass: you afraid of? Langxiao cry pointed to the neck, said: am in your mouth almost dead one, be afraid of it? better so you and I can be considered a husband and wife, you do me a favor, to return to the Amagi behalf to contact me a knives Chamber of Commerce, and his name is called red eye, you look at what he needs your help. Month Star Qui not refuse, just said coldly: gotta Give me a certificate. thought, soul edge, and gave it an engraved knife mark dangerous month Star Qui remove the bag from the heaven and earth, Horcruxes handed him, he would understand. Star Qui took soul blade did not say two words, sunglass look at a white jade body skin, smiled, and the other ferocious glared at him, and he touched the nose, and from the things around bag and remove a set of clean clothes together, along with the other Qiankun Dai handed over. probably some of my size, but better than naked. crisis Yuexing Kui then past the clothes flick set in the body, take a deep breath, strode outside the cave away, just across the side of the sunglass slight lag. sunglass just smiled and void to hew out of the beat trace bonfire plunge off the pace of the latter suddenly accelerated, stepped out of the cave, the moment is gone. sunglass smiled, cheap oakley sunglasses stood up, stretch your muscles and joints, longitudinal strode out the cave to another opposite direction away fans wind rugged valley road twists and turns, but that does not mean laid hold of a way out, map or quickly out of the valley. outside the valley, all the way south, there will be a very high handed The evil beasts lair, that a fierce beast called snake is 54 a powerful role the eighty one Xiongshou strength comparable to God paternity pinnacle Warrior sunglass line goal is to. the night quickly past, when the first rays of the day side of the golden sun shone, sunglass is crossed the valley, set foot on the barren wilderness of the land may at this time, and abruptly, emptiness Yunxia Shoulong, a huge foot radius of Shimu size golden palm when empty

Feng said: you do not if I go ancestry try. a break Mountains, my fingertips both broken. Yin laugh, palm wave, a surge of deep darkness suddenly enveloped the world, within a radius of a thousand miles hey
fake oakleys day, all of a sudden become deep as the night infinite black gas enveloped, than the mountain that day biotite is also very rich, thunder and lightning, a huge hand in the black air of stuck in, won Quartet heaven and earth, palm slap down. beat up massive Mo say a short Mountains, even if majestic as the Dragon King Mountain, will be razed to the ground. speak on when the air pressure in the larger hands when the endless dark clouds shrouded top Tentozan, suddenly billowing move spontaneously condense into a shield to block the giant hand obscured the light of day, Bang a huge burst of sound, the infinite black phosgene crack surging, but shrouded in black light shield did not hit in bulk, just shake down days are mountains intact. rely on, how is it? stunned for a moment, the eyes of a turn, glanced beside sunglass, the other Shenseziruo look has not changed, just the faint smile on the lips how could not conceal. Xiunu, Bigfoot Yiduo jiu deep world Need dark the phosgene again cohesion, billowing black gas at the foot of the cohesion out, like a discredit fried from the electricity in the air, turned into a huge dark gold Black Dragon, a few hundred meters of the giant, natural roaring mad , the mere mention of whom heaven and earth, the mountains toward the days are hit straight
cheap fake oakleys past. the dragon is yin light the gas changes into reduced to one percent, in accordance
fake oakley sunglasses with the strength
oakley sunglasses replica of his body, as an intermediate Wu Sheng laughing, full of destructive force dragon is just one click palm metamorphosis that black cloud shield immediately fragmentation, turned into a billowing black gas. ha, this is not broken! , proud of extreme laughter also no dissipation mutation processes. billowing black gas into the giant towering into the sky, a spangle giant fist smacked, turned abruptly and dragon the larger hands bombers in Department, does not strive, but the other hand, that dark golden long queue, even unable to endure the giant blow, backwards and back, hit a wasteland. loud noise startled bang sound like Road muffled thunder, deep fried in a heart. happened? yin a moment, then furious, stroked the sleeves necessary hands. the spangle giant suspended in bend into the black air, facing the and worship. Dragon your visit, Shuijing beneath much welcome also Dragon No wonder, then. This voice enunciate, but revealed an sleek sophistication taste, it is Shuijing tone of the tone of the President. brow wrinkled, How to know the other side
cheap oakley sunglasses wholesale of things fusion soul? Dragon adults. between the side of the sunglass shot under the yin to step across numerous distance, straight came on Tiandu Mountains. infinite biotite as with spirituality In general, held separately, sunglass figure sank immediately fell down. the yin then they to. Mountains, among the dark clouds turned out to be some other circumstances. flowers, birds, fish and insects, verdant mountain wood

Red cape fluttering, such as clouds, 100,000 blood Shura followed, howling from their path, the carnage bloom, abruptly and bones of the army were strangling a extreme west, a road thunder clouds resounded Voice of clouds cracking, dressed in white armor plus body, holding a star iron guns longevity of the Dragon Emperor with a seat under one hundred thousand feather soldiers landed, of these feather soldiers face handsome, tall and, Muse lengli to like a knife, quick action, into the bones of the dead army being invincible at the center of the most vicious of the bones of the dead army strangled with the longevity of the Dragon Emperor and Shura the ghost Imperial army, a glaucoma Cleave came, and consumed countless bones of the dead, golden flame at the end, dressed Pathetic, face Promise the Great marching Youth fire fall from the sky, trails, the bones of the dead play into ashes. core three guanyu, interesting. Lord of Dark Chen sit on the bones of the throne, hand on forehead, that touch of horrifying the Jianhen are gradually collapsed and only leave a faint hint of their names when he whispered, three God Emperor heard Di body turned into three strands of different lighting, rushed into the bones of a giant, that the giant emperors of all the bones of the dead army commander, kill, the bones of the dead army attack since collapse this bones of giant also saw three God Emperor, screaming beast range attacks like from the mountains shake only hit, God Emperor will be the bones of giant demolition became a smash, guanyu the power Qi same general. Chen, how you the illusion of the bones of the dead, however the case. sunglass handheld fine round with the sword, suspended in the void above Ningmu looking at the dark Chen of the main bones of the mountains in the distance, at the foot of the bones of the dead army defeat, at low tide generally collapsibility. ha ha Lord of Dark Chen but ask amount laugh, laughter growing as if muffled thunder rolling illusion even better than you so strange, three illusion gods hold the line, and then how I have the Spirit of God, do you have it? Chen main bang explosion drink, it has been like the mountains sit in the void at the end of the crashing heijia Spirit of God into the sky, knife swing out Daoguang burst, numerous blood Shura and longevity Yu Bing tear, two hundred thousand troops, suddenly ten seventy eight of few remnants even the longevity of the Dragon Emperor, Shura ghost Timor, and no great empire Daoguang spread Menheng soon each back several thousand miles, cross the blood spilled. strength forever is power, even if you are and no matter how much baby insidious strategy that they How? only one spirit of God, you can not cope, not to mention the other? of Dark Chen fake oakleys laughed, proud perverse presumptuous grim smile indescribable, that is the ridicule of the gods of the ants. sunglass wrinkled brow, looked at the stands in the void at the end of the hill heijia Valkyrie, tightened the hands of the sword, you want to rush, at this time may be a gray light passing on his side, setting off a raging tide six thousand per a moment, the body of the on the already looming the the Valkyrie before heijia, the sword Slash down. with heijia Spirit of God, but the children As for brawny also, fake oakleys the consequences can be imagined knowledge. sunglass felt heart headache, and later heard a crisp exploding, body heijia Spirit of God the Daoguang crushed into a crushing, not left a trace. is not ordinary Wu spiritual,

BNB and the ninth city agency will be a breakthrough as the peak of the nature of casual online games on line number fifty thousand! Looking at these reports, look at BNB 17W
fake oakleys cheap above 9C tiny, National Day will be beta advertising, cheap oakley sunglasses my mind an indescribable taste. do not play games. himself, said, cheap oakley sunglasses stood up after a week of each kinds of means to combat malicious plug in, and even there still doing death throes plug join forces to combat in the technical department and the Ge Jun, drifting in the wind Technology Department with the Ministry of customers title, GE Jun allied attack all plug authentication server, as well as to provide a plug in download site. course, in order to deceive the public, Ge Army since the number is a enough of faithful old players of the plug in, and attacks against the middle reaches of the plug in server, he also did not forget Lei Feng a hijacked thousands of Taiwan, Japan and the zombie computers from GE Jun to cheap oakley sunglasses telephone, almost all game plug authentication server on the market are attacked. This is the power of DDOS and lower as long as there is enough bandwidth or a sufficient number of broilers, in theory, can make the backbone of a country line paralyzed all just Gejun Li with his remote control program not because of the emergence of cheap oakley sunglasses, this remote control program in the future will be a shocking name: dove gray, of course, the fight against PW certainly ultimately, Cheng Jun when they came Cheng Jun copy and a copy of the report , cheap oakley sunglasses was surprised to find, Cheng Jun cafes has at least one hundred large and small cities throughout! said he is a giant of China Internet cafes also is not too much a in PW and plug in event slightly over, cheap oakley the sunglasses put focus on the acquisition of Tencent shares up. language Tong Cao rushed to set up the acquisition group, Cao first time language tung, contact with the person in charge of MIH China Office. Unsurprisingly, MIH as a rather strategic vision venture capitalists, no occurrence of major flaws in the financial condition or the target company impossible to give up the investment objectives of. So, Cao language Tong first met was the other side a touch of cold shoulder and prevarication. however, on in Cao language Tong depressed again to prepare a two day information, unexpected, Cao language Tong received a report from the MIH China person in charge, this time, that two days ago to inform Cao language tung, do not count on the person in charge has quite embarrassed MIH headquarters calls, hope and midstream acquisition group met the day Cao language Tong put this news report to cheap oakley sunglasses, listening
cheap oakley sunglasses Cao language tung pleased tone, cheap oakley sunglas

Repayment problems. Yang transcendent undoubtedly belongs to the bad cop role, as the head of the technical department, he can be said after this month lived, a full half a month, he had never taken the middle reaches of the door one day, not to mention more vacation even even clothes are Zhang Jiajia good intentions to help him wash up which makes the usually very serious Tate husband blush for a long time. Yuan Ye cop roles are typical in a good mood, the two echoed each other Cui Xisheng Fudge face burst pale burst of red, and ultimately, the two funding the activities of the thirteen million yuan compensation for Reconsideration from Aztoc there reason Reconsideration is some outrageous the Yuan Ye ask for the one time compensation of ten million dollars compensation after all, the losses also unpredictable. watched, go Aztoc line to leave the midstream, the fifth day after the PW problems in five days overtly or covertly triad behavior legendary Sifu or like springing up to take out With the finished version of a game exchange forum launched fool teaching steps, all of a sudden lowering of the PW the installed threshold at the same time increased the bargaining chips aloof Yang Yuan Ye also let cheap oakley sunglasses irritability endless Subsequently, the series of Operations and Technology Department opened a two day meeting, at the meeting, a bunch of operators backbone and technology the backbone fully carry forward the the YY spirit, a variety of combat, PW brilliant idea after another. addition to fake oakley sunglasses the cheap oakley sunglasses have thought of the show and the network triad means and positive with positive means such as industry and commerce around the outside, these guys also made major search engines such as investment they modify keywords, all concentrated in any PW keywords page fine way for countries to combat as well as around the PW repeatedly attack message. Some even came up with the people who pretend to open PW, and then in the come to their senses blows published repentance nausea tricks see strange way the cheap oakley sunglasses Erhuamoyue, directly in the report on to write their own name anyway, thirteen million funding if not enough, cheap oakley sunglasses can also withheld the third quarter into models! Of course, more than ten million natural ultimately clear the relationship between the funds, accurate, most of the inside so much funding, estimated to be inflow top down sector The General Administration of Press and Publication cheap oakley sunglasses submit blood and tears of the report, we again Chinajoy chairman will fight to the last batch of cash flow in half twenty million! can said, cheap oakley sunglasses this time when enough leader! when enough of fake oakley sunglasses being taken advantage of in the next week, the dream bubble tests rely on the image with the sign of the powerful capacity and midstream consistently pushed establish market no suspense popular in just ten days, this

the Longtanhuxue. So they hurried to follow the not to completely clear on the first here to flip upside down, this case also how to check that if a few years ago, nfl Seeing himself finally fled the terrible market, adults. seems to us this trip is dangerous heavy! just those who, although not a master, but
fake oakleys cheap there are a lot of the skill of several of our people do not fear them, but also costs some effort! spotted these in people eyes is not the person, but a bowl of fat, sweet smelling meat. you looked good, if I am right in saying this evening. We all do not sleepy a good sleep Zhou brothers to listen to unhappy spoke and said: of grace, they will not come out too! will not feel bad, because they simply did not, pointing it to feed their families, so hear the word because he now really worried, if there is anyone who took their own instruments and official with to, they

Take a crossing, they still have as long as they see you do not like one of the merchants, immediately someone will track you, ijerseys were much more vigorous in the eyes red, ask mo face trouble he has long been the flag to marvel at, quite a while before aware of their situation. is not small, just This day is how did not see him? eArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Making The Most Of Your IPhone

Many people do not understand the full functionality of how to use fancy gadgets like iPhones.

A protective screen protector is a useful investment for your iPhone. Without one, the phone is sure to get scratched and dinged. Even tiny pieces of dirt on your finger can cause a scratch.

Any site that you visit can be turned into
cheap oakleys an app. Tap "Go" once you have the site. This gives you the option to add this site to your home screen.

It is not necessary to hit the "X." Just tap somewhere else on the screen anywhere. This method gets rid of the suggestion box while saving you much easier.

This feature allows you to see your messages. You can link several different email accounts or even just one tagged on your phone.

When you are typing a message or email and don’t want to use your phone’s suggestions, you don’t need to tap X to get rid of suggestions. Just tap the screen at any area and the suggestion box will be eliminated.

Use multimedia to maximize your iPhone to get the most out of it.

This fabulous feature allows you to receive and view messages right
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Don’t go crazy with the apps available. Some are not legitimate and may charge you hidden fees.

You can use your iPhone using just one
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You can customize shortcuts to specific words on the iPhone to be more efficient when typing. Go to the Settings menu, then select General, look under Keyboard, and then Add New Shortcut. You can create shortcuts for common phrases or words you type often by adding abbreviations or acronyms as desired. When you use these shortcuts, the equivalent phrases and words will be put in full.

Tap cancel in order to save an email message. You will receive a popup asking how you wish to proceed; one option to Save your work. If you hit Save, your unfinished message will be waiting for you later in Drafts. If your iPhone does not already have a folder designated for Drafts, the phone will create one for you.

You can be used to send treasured photos to your family and friends. There are two main ways you can achieve this. You could just go the traditional route of an email attachment, or you can use the Facebook application in order to upload your picture.

Although iPhones may seem a bit costly, the price is actually quite reasonable when you consider that these hand held devices are capable of performing nearly as many functions as a laptop computer. If you already own the iPhone, you know how powerful it is. Try employing a few of the tips and tricks suggested above to get even more out of your trusty
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Other article from Technology How to Choose The Best iPhone 4 Cases

Getting a case for your iPhone 4 is one of the first things to do after you get your phone. These great phones aren’t cheap so you should protect your investment with a high
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Covers come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. Each model has some tips and tricks that make them more useful than you might know. The article below will help you understand how you can start using these tools.

Getting The Most Out Of Your IPad

iPads are popular for many reasons. There is so much you can do
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Articles Connexes:

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Pipe Slotting Machine
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PRAKASH IRON WORKS is a pioneer organization in the domain of Industrial Pipe Slotting Services, fabrication Services, Threading Services, Engineering Services Welding and
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Besides, we are well reckoned in the arena of providing service/job worker
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Thus, we are identified as
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PRAKASH IRON WORKS is professionally managed organization specializes in providing various Industrial Metal Pipes and Fabrication Services. Incepted in the year 1984, the company is located at Varanasi,
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We have wide experience of more than two decades in the field. It is a rich asset that has helped
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Prakash Iron Works is trusted Manufacturer, Suppliers and Exporters of Pipe Slotting Machines in India. We are successfully engaged in the production and distribution of
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Prakash Iron Works has a dedicated R team, which is responsible for frequent enhancement of the product’s quality and development of Pipe Slotting Machines. The R is aimed at covering basic and long term projects that have effect on company’s strategic business policies. In addition,
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Articles Connexes:

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Incorporate Your Business

Incorporation is an important step in the life of a business, but unfortunately the true value of incorporating a business is often not seen until the business faces a negative situation such as a law suit or bankruptcy.

Why Incorporate Your Business

A primary advantage of incorporation is the limited liability the corporate entity affords its shareholders (owners). Typically, shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation; thus, creditors will not
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Other Advantages of Incorporation

A corporation life is not dependent upon its members. A corporation possesses the feature of unlimited life. If an owner dies or wishes to sell their interest the corporation will continue to exist and do business.

Retirement funds and qualified retirement plans (like 401k) may be set up more easily with a corporation.

Ownership of a corporation is easily transferable.

Capital can be raised more easily through the sale of stock.

A corporation possesses centralized management.

Corporations are not without disadvantages. The primary disadvantage to a corporation is double taxation. Profits of a corporation are taxed twice when the
cheap fake oakley sunglasses profits are distributed to shareholders as dividends. They are taxed first as income to the corporation, then as income to the shareholder. All reasonable business expenses such as salaries are deductions against corporate income and can minimize the double tax. Further, the double tax can be eliminated by making the S corporation election with the Internal Revenue Service.

Both the Limited Liability Company (LLC) and S corporation also provide the limited liability to the owners/shareholders of the company, without the potential disadvantage of double taxation. While like corporations these two entities also have advantages and disadvantages, it is a good idea to learn about all three when deciding what form your business should take.

Where to Incorporate Your
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One of the first decisions a business must make after deciding to incorporate involves selecting the proper state of incorporation. You are not required to incorporate in the state where your business operates; you can choose from any one of the 50
fake oakley sunglasses states or the District of Columbia.

In making the decision of where to incorporate, three factors typically are weighed:

the location of your physical facilities,

a cost analysis comparing incorporating in the state of operation versus qualifying to do business as a corporation in the state under consideration and

determining the advantages and disadvantages of each state corporate laws.

When analyzing these three factors, keep in mind that a corporation is referred to as a foreign corporation in all states except for the state where it is incorporated.

The decision of where to incorporate is typically between the state of operations and Delaware. If the corporation is a held corporation that does business primarily within a single state, local incorporation is typically the best decision. Closely held corporations are corporations that possesses the following traits: a small number
fake oakleys cheap of shareholders, no ready market for the corporation stock and substantial participation by the majority shareholders in the management of the corporation. For corporations doing business in a single
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oakleys sunglasses incorporation will usually be less than incorporating in another state and qualifying to do business as a foreign corporation in that state.

A foreign corporation that qualifies to do business
fake oakleys in another state is subject to taxes and annual report fees from both the state of incorporation and the qualifying state. Thus, the actual advantage of incorporating in a state with very low or no corporate income tax is not as great as it appears, if your business must still qualify to do business in its state of operations.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Iran Blocks Virtual U.S. Embassy Just Hours After Being Launched

The latest brainchild of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is the virtual U.S. Embassy in Tehran. Not actually an embassy at all (i.e. it offers no consular services whatsoever) the site is clearly at attempt to promote the United States and American democratic values to millions of Iranians.

The Iranian authorities were none too pleased about the?site (which is in English and Farsi) being up and managed to block it within a matter of hours of the site being launched.

The semi-official Fars news agency commented on the blocking of the U.S. website, saying, “A decisive reaction by Iranian authorities has neutralized another sly plot by the Americans. ”

“In accordance with the cybercrime law, access to this website is not possible,” read a notice to anyone inside Iran trying to visit

The White House condemned the effort by Tehran to control “what the Iranian people see and hear,” and said it remained committed to engaging in dialogue with the Iranian people. “Through this action, the Iranian government has once again demonstrated its commitment to build an electronic curtain of surveillance and censorship around its people,” it said. The United

States has had no diplomatic relations with Iran since its embassy in Tehran was stormed in 1979 — the year of the Islamic Revolution — and its staff held hostage for 444 days. Washington has since sought to isolate Iran, leading international sanctions against nuclear activities it believes are aimed at making the atom bomb — a charge Tehran denies. The website was launched one week after British diplomats fled Iran after their embassy was stormed by radical youths, bringing Tehran’s relations with Europe to a new low.

All is not lost however. Many?Iranians will still be able to access the site by using a virtual private network, or VPN — software that can subvert the government filter and is essential for the millions of Facebook users in the Islamic state. The State Department said it believed Iranians would still have access to the website through VPNs or other means.

Go Hillary.

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After 20 Years, Iran Finally To Be Reviewed by UN Human Rights Committee

Not that we should be all that surprised at the woeful inadequacy of the United Nations Human Rights Committee, but it’s taken them close to 20 years to review the appalling human rights record of Iran. That’s right – Iran was last reviewed by the committee in 1993 when its experts condemned “the extremely high number of death sentences that are pronounced and carried out, in many cases after a trial where the guarantees of a regular hearing were not applied in an appropriate manner”. The council equally denounced the application of extreme disciplinary measures, including flagellation and stoning.

Clearly, their condemnation was not all that strong given how long it has taken for the committee to address the extremely serious situation in Iran where there has been a disturbing rise in the incidences of human rights abuses and freedom of speech for many years now, but particularly since the fraudulent re-election of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009.

Starting today, Iranian officials will face questions from the 18 independent experts who make up the UN committee that monitors implementation of the International Covenant

on Civil and Political Rights among state-parties. The review is set to begin with the presentation of a 224-page report produced by the experts and will wrap on Tuesday when the committee presents its conclusions.

Perhaps the committee’s recommendations will be reviewed in another 20 years?

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Iran Arrests 6 Filmmakers Accused of Working for BBC

Iranian authorities have arrested a group of 6 filmmakers accusing them of working for the BBC Persian service and seeking to portray a negative image of the Islamic state , which is banned in the country. The arrests came a day after the service showed a documentary on Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Few western journalists are permitted to work in Iran where the government views much of the foreign media with suspicion. The BBC’s Farsi-language TV news service is only available to owners of illegal satellite receivers and its signal is often jammed. BBC Persian broadcasts live news, documentaries and entertainment programmes aimed at Farsi speakers, mostly in Iran and Afghanistan. Terrestrial

Iranian television is completely controlled by the state.

Iranian newspaper Resalat said five men and one woman had been arrested, identifying them only by their initials. “They were members of a network which supplies information, produces films and clandestine reports for the BBC Persian programme, aimed at portraying a bleak picture of Iran,” Resalat said.

In London, the BBC said in a statement that the six filmmakers arrested in Iran were not BBC staffers but “independent documentary filmmakers whose films have been screened in festivals and other venues internationally.” The BBC’s language service chief Liliane Landor said the arrests were part of the “ongoing efforts by the Iranian government to put pressure on the BBC” to influence its impartial and balanced coverage of its Farsi-language TV broadcasts.

Tehran denies the charge, saying it allows free speech. Iranian journalists say they have to tread carefully in their reporting to avoid having their publications closed.

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