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UN officials recently announced that Tehran had amassed enough uranium to make a nuclear bomb. Traces of weapons grade material have been found in Iran. In recent years, Iranian theologians have decreed that atomic weapons are permissible to use under Islamic law, thereby removing another potential impediment.

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Tech Burglary Crew Indicted on State Charges

State charges have been announced against a high tech burglary crew accused of stealing more than $10 million in cash and property. The burglars struck 50 commercial businesses and residential homes in both Nassau and Suffolk. It took a joint effort of Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice, Suffolk District Attorney
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discount ray bans the FBI, IRS, the SCPD, NCPD, and the NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau, to take down the alleged burglars.

One member of the crew included former NYPD Detective Ray Astacio.

brazen crew used local homes and businesses as their personal piggybanks and with so much stolen over so long a period of time, this was a highly organized, systematic, professional team of criminals, DA Rice said. Attorney Lynch, the FBI, the IRS, DA Spota, and the Nassau, Suffolk and New York Police Departments, we will continue this ongoing investigation and hold these defendants accountable.

Before entering a location the crew cut telephone lines to disable alarms, and used telephone signal jamming devices to stop back up alarms from contacting alarm companies. After taking the necessary precautions they made their way inside by cutting through the walls of adjoining buildings.

When researching a target they planned on hitting, the burglars took GPS devices from business owner vehicles to locate where they lived. They did this to research the patterns of the owners. The term fishing was used when studying locations and doing extensive internet searches of their targets.

The operation was called Crook, Line Stinker due to the "going fishing" term the crew used.

The group allegedly avoided law enforcement by using disposable phones, walkie talkies, and police scanners with the appropriate precinct frequency codes. On the night they were arrested the SCPD, NCPD,
fake ray bans the DA Squad, and FBI set up surveillance outside of a burglary location. They spotted Joseph Alacqua and Michael Brown allegedly entering a vacant home and then exiting with personal property. The two men, and getaway driver Detective Astacio, were arrested at the scene. That particular case is currently pending in a Suffolk County Court.

After a court ordered warrant, the NCPD and DA Squad found the burglar devices at an Omega Storage in Amityville.

The defendants were arrested on January 9th. Nikitas Margiellos, 33, of West Babylon, Gerard Camarano, 54, of Valley Stream, and Trung Lu 32, of Ridgewod, all plead not guilty and are due back in court on January 14th. They have each been indicted on
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Kodiaks headed to Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame

The Lethbridge College Kodiaks men cross country teams from 2005 and 2006, both national champions, will be inducted into the Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame May 1.

Coached by Bertil Johansson, already a member of the hall of fame, the teams raced to dominance throughout the Alberta Colleges Athletic Association, before ending each season with the national title. The Kodiaks men team won the national championship again in 2009; the women team was second. Both won the ACAC team and individual titles. Lethbridge College cross country program has
replica ray ban sunglasses been a tower of strength for several seasons, notably for its contingent of student athletes from Kenya.

Bryan Jeannotte, veteran
cheap ray ban outlet Lethbridge sports broadcaster, will be inducted in the Special Awards
discount ray bans category. Besides his work in radio, Bryan is a long time member of the Kodiaks family, serving during the years as both announcer and publicist.

The Lethbridge Sports Hall of Fame induction dinner will be held at the Coast Hotel Banquet Centre. Tickets are available at City of Lethbridge box office locations in
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10 cliches we’ll no doubt witness during the ceremony

No matter how much the Academy tweaks the Oscar ceremony, we can always count on several predictable things happening during the long, three hour plus ceremony (besides numerous
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The Smirk: George Clooney will flash his signature debonair half smile/head bob.

The Scowl:
replica ray bans Harrison Ford will look like the most miserable person in attendance.

The Cutest Couple: Will it be Brangelina? Beniffer II? Filliam H. The camera will cut to the
cheap ray bans celeb for a shocked/non plussed/self effacing reaction shot. (There’s nothing like honoring some dead people more than others, eh?) My money’s on John Hughes getting the most love.

The Piracy Preacher: When an Academy bigwig (we can never remember their names, can we?) takes the stage to say a few words, he/she will inevitably grind the show to a halt by complaining/warning us about the evil people who download movies for free, thus depriving gazillion dollar studios/producers/etc. of revenue.

The Teleprompter Tango: A pair of celebrity presenters will stiffly deliver their scripted banter. Any intended jokes will crash and burn because of A) lousy writing and B) an obvious lack of rehearsal on the presenters’ part.

The Weeping Winner: Get out the Kleenex when the waterworks inevitably start during a speech.
cheap ray ban outlet This year’s safe bet? Based on her Golden Globes acceptance, probable Best Supporting Actress winner Mo’Nique.Articles Connexes:

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Procter Gamble Hires Wanda Sykes For Gain Detergent Campaign

Cue the protests. Another mainstream company has hired an openly gay celebrity as a spokesperson.

Procter Gamble announced Monday that comedian and actress Wanda Sykes ("The New Adventures of Old Christine") has become its "Gain Scent Matchmaker" to promote Gain detergents. The interactive YouTube spot features Sykes helping visitors to choose their scent among such options as Apple Mango Tango, Icy Fresh Fizz and Butterfly Kiss. Sykes was already doing voiceover work for Gain.

"Gain understands, like me, that it’s all about finding the things that make us happy, like scent, and having a little fun," Sykes said in a press release.

Sykes, who came out as a lesbian in 2008 and whose wife gave birth to twins in 2009, is the latest high profile gay pitchwoman to back a mainstream company.

JCPenney hired Ellen DeGeneres early this year, sparking calls for a boycott from the
discount ray bans conservative One Million Moms. The company then followed with ads featuring catalog photos of same sex couples for its Mother’s Day and Father’s Day catalogues.

The development came amid a spike in gay themed advertising. Gap, Ray Ban and Urban Outfitters were among the companies to launch provocative campaigns around the same time in the spring. Oreo last week posted a picture of a rainbow colored cookie on its Facebook page.

P has been known as an LGBT friendly outfit for a while. In 2004, Procter and Gamble opposed a statute that would deny gays and lesbians from special civil rights protection in the company’s headquarters city of Cincinnati. The American Family Association called for a boycott of some P products and collected nearly 365,000 signatures of protest.

Lately, P has struggled, deploying cost cutting measures aimed to save $10 billion by 2016. It recently announced that it anticipated losing 1 to 2 percent in revenue in the fourth quarter, as opposed to earlier forecasts of gaining 1 to 2 percent.

See a slideshow of 25 brands and products that have supported LGBT rights:

The staple of American domesticity is part of the General Mills family of products, which has been boycotted by the National Organization for Marriage for opposing the Minnesota Marriage Amendment. What better way to celebrate the stand against intolerance than Betty Crocker’s Rainbow Chip cake?

Correction on July 24 at 1:35pm ET: The original version of this slideshow misidentified the name of the Minnesota Marriage Amendment. It has been corrected on this slide and several others throughout the slideshow.

In 1992, Levi’s found itself at odds with the Boy Scout’s ‘Three Gs’ principle that had guided the Scouts’ membership model for more than 80 years that everyone is welcome, provided they are not gay, godless, or a girl. San Francisco based Levi’s pulled its Boy Scout funding, due to the group’s exclusion. In response, Republican Dana Rohrabacher encouraged a ‘grassroots’ counter boycott of Levi Strauss and his Texan colleage, Tom DeLay, was even more extreme in his reaction: "When Texans find out that the Levi’s they have on go toward attacks on the Boy Scouts of America. they’ll take off those Levi’s and burn them in the streets."

In 2005, Microsoft came under fire from anti LGBT activists, including evangelical preacher Ken Hutcherson, for its support of a bill in that would outlaw discrimination against homosexuals at work in the state of Washington. In response, Microsoft withdrew its support of the bill, prompting outrage from gay and liberal activists and criticism from its staff and other big businesses. In response, Bill Gates backtracked again and admitted that he was surprised by the vehemence of the reaction. When the bill was defeated by a single vote, Microsoft’s liberal critics blamed its withdrawal of support for the loss.

A May 2012
replica ray bans post on the American Family Association web site proclaims, "AFA is promoting a boycott of Home Depot until it agrees to remain neutral in the homosexual culture war. The total number of people who have signed the Home Depot boycott pledge is 719,037." The pledge condemns Home Depot for giving "financial and corporate support to open displays of
discount ray bans homosexual activism," because this helps expose "small children to lascivious displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross dressers." In response to the pledge, which was delivered at Home Depot’s annual shareholder meeting, Chairman Blake responded, "We are, and will remain, committed to a culture that fosters an inclusive environment for our associates, our customers and communities in which we exist."

Diapers are essential to fulfilling the straight family making dream, which make them an odd target of a ‘pro family’ boycott. However, in 2004, Proctor and Gamble angered conservatives by opposing an anti gay rights statute that would exempt gays and lesbians from special civil rights protection in its hometown of Cincinnati. In response, the American Family Association issued a boycott of some of P most popular products, including Pampers Diapers, and gathered petition signatures from almost 365,000 families, urging Procter Gamble to change its policy.

In May 2012, Target announced that 100% of the purchase price of any of its Pride merchandise would be donated to the pro LGBT Family Equality Council. The American Family Association lamented that "Target is joining President Obama in ramming same sex marriage down the throats of the American people" and urged members to contact Target Chairman Gregg Steinhafel, to "let him know that a majority of Americans oppose same sex marriage and are able to use their pocketbooks to voice their opposition to companies that support it."

It should be noted that Target has also
fake ray bans come under fire from gay advocates. In 2011, Lady Gaga nixed a deal with Target for an exclusive special edition of her "Born This Way" album after it was revealed that the brand had donated to MN Forward, a group that was backing Tom Emmer’s gubernatorial bid in Minnesota. Emmer was known for being especially conservative and not supporting equal rights for LGBT citizens. Penney also came under fire in June 2012 when its catalog featured two men on the floor playing and hugging their two children at home indicating, according to the American Family Association, that the company made a "departure from its moorings to God’s Word and Mr. Penney’s leadership by taking sides in the cultural war in celebration of homosexuality." The AFA urged members to "call or visit your local J. C. Penney store manager to politely inform them that you will not be shopping at their store this Father’s Day," and added, "If you have a store credit card or hold stock with the J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE: JCP), you might consider closing your account and divesting until they become neutral in the culture war."

In 2005, the American Family Association launched a boycott campaign against Ford for being "the company which has done the most to affirm and promote the homosexual lifestyle." The group criticized Ford for donating money to gay rights organizations (Ford offered to give up to to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation for every Jaguar and Land Rover it sells to a member of GLAAD) and complained that Ford had sponsored Pride celebrations, advertised in gay oriented publications and was "redefining the definition of the family to include homosexual marriage."

When Gap launched an ad campaign featuring two men pressed together under a shared t shirt, anti LGBT group One Million Moms, which is part of the American Family Association, launched a boycott, stating, "GAP Inc. Brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime, and Athleta, does not deserve, nor will it get, money from conservative families across the country. Supporting GAP is not an option until they decide to remain neutral in the culture war. GAP needs to seriously consider how their immoral advertising affect the youth of our nation."Articles Connexes:

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500 over four years as Government negotiates to resurrect Temporary Protection Visas

The Federal Government has offered to increase the refugee intake and make other changes to legislation currently before the Senate in a bid to stave off another defeat in the Upper House.

The Government says it will increase the number of people who can come to Australia under its refugee and
fake Michael Kors humanitarian program if the Senate passes legislation resurrecting temporary protection visas (TPVs).

The program will go up by 7,500 places over four years, with the final year seeing 5,000 extra people added to the intake, taking it up from the current level of 13,750.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said the move would be funded by savings.

"This increase, at a cost of more than $100 million, will be fully funded by offsets that I have committed to within my portfolio," he told reporters.

"If you’re going to increase the intake, you’ve got to pay for it."

Mr Morrison announced a range of amendments agreed to during negotiations for the legislation, which is being debated in the Senate today.

He said the bill would be amended to give the Senate the power to block any proposal to lower the new refugee intake level.

It would also be amended to only apply what is called the "fast track" assessment process
cheap Michael Kors to the existing backlog of asylum seekers who have already arrived.

Those asylum seekers who are on bridging visas will also be allowed to work while their refugee applications are processed.

Mr Morrison said an agreement
cheap Michael Kors handbags with independent Senator Nick Xenophon would see "greater alignment with UN High Commission for Refugees definitions and guidelines within the provisions".

Greens label bill ‘a smorgasbord of suffering’The legislation had been criticised by human rights lawyers for how it interpreted Australia’s obligations under the UN Convention.

Labor and the Greens are opposed to the reintroduction of TPVs.

Greens Senator Sarah Hanson Young told the Senate during debate the bill was "a smorgasbord of suffering, a buffet of brutality and it shouldn’t be allowed to pass this place".

The Government has already done a deal with the Palmer United Party for support for the legislation in return for the introduction of what are called Safe Haven Enterprise Visas, which would allow recipients who work for three and a half years in designated regions to apply for other temporary onshore visas.

Mr Morrison said today’s changes were the result of discussions with Senator Xenophon and fellow crossbench senators Bob Day and David Leyonhjelm, as well as representations from Coalition backbenchers.

Asylum seekers worse off if bill not passed: XenophonSenator Xenophon described the legislation which he urged the Senate to support as Hobson’s choice, because he believed if the legislation did not pass, the Government would choose a non legislative route to reintroduce TPVs.

"It does not mean that we stop being critical of the Government’s policies, but if we do nothing, if
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Michael Kors handbags outlet bill is not passed, as imperfect as the bill is."

He described the choice as a moral dilemma and a wicked problem.

Another independent senator, John Madigan, told the
discount Michael Kors Senate he could not support the legislation in its current form.

"The bill will do many things but not least of which it will bring back TPVs," he said.

"As I understand it, the Government will not back down on their view in support of TPVs and I have a problem in backing down on my view against them. As
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in my friend’s yard is more than plants. Figuratively speaking, it is her very seed. The way I look at it, my friend’s instinctive, maternal need her basic need to give had found its natural expression. To answer the question, What is my message?, declare yourself on the strength of your gift. At some point in your
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wholesale cheap oakleys fear of rejection by others no longer matters. What does matter
oakley sunglasses replica is letting the world know who you are. It is a moment of true liberation. Chloe, mother, wife and good friend to many, struggled
oakley sunglasses discount for years with her love of photography. She wanted more than anything to express this love
cheap oakleys to the world in no uncertain terms. But her drive was dampened by her fear that she’d be seen as an imposter, a fear she had carried with her for years, born of the fact that
fake oakleys cheap she wasn truly
oakley sunglasses replica a gradually took on more and more photo assignments, some paid, others didn but she didn care. Not long ago, Chloe’s work was highlighted, along with five other photographers, in a major exhibit in her home town, just outside of New York City. The welcome table in the exhibit hall held stacks of business cards for each of the exhibitors. What I remember most was that, at the end of the exhibit, few of Chloe’s cards remained. My friendArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Iran Makes First Nuclear Fuel Rod

Iran has produced its first nuclear fuel rod, state-run news agencies reported, as the country offered to restart talks with the West on its atomic program.
The domestically made rod was inserted into the core of Tehran?s atomic research reactor after performance tests, the semi-official

Fars News Agency reported, citing the country?s atomic energy agency. According to Mehr news agency, the Tehran reactor produces radioisotopes for cancer treatment, Nuclear fuel rods contain pellets of enriched uranium that provide fuel for nuclear power plants.

In January 2008, Fars reported that Iran was able to produce everything it needs for the nuclear fuel cycle, making its nuclear program self-sufficient.

But it was not clear that Tehran actually had the technology to turn enriched uranium into fuel rods.

Iran has repeatedly insisted its nuclear program is for peaceful, civilian energy purposes only. But it has rebuffed repeated demands to halt its production of enriched uranium, and a November 8 report by the U.N. nuclear watchdog found “credible” information that Tehran has carried out work toward nuclear weapons — including tests of possible bomb components.
The U.S. and allies are increasing pressure on Iran to halt what they say may be a covert nuclear weapons program. Sanctions signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 31 aim to deter dealings with the Iranian central bank, and the European Union is considering a ban on imports of oil from Iran, the world?s third-largest oil exporter.

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Hundreds of North Koreans Working at Iranian Nuclear Sites

Well, like we didn’t suspect this for years already…

A story appeared in a South Korean online newspaper today that reported on North Korea’s nuclear collaboration with Iran. An unnamed source said that hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile experts have been collaborating with their Iranian counterparts in more than 10 locations across the Islamic state.

The revelation lends credence to long-held suspicions that North Korea was helping Iran with a secret nuclear and missile program.“Hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile engineers and scientists have been working at more than 10 sites (in Iran), including Natanz and Qom,” the source said, citing human intelligence he declined to identify for security reasons. The source would not allow the specific number of North Koreans to be published, citing the sensitivity of the intelligence, and would not give further details on the extent of the collaboration.

The source spoke on condition of anonymity because of the delicate nature of the issue. Repeated attempts to contact the Iranian embassy in Seoul by telephone were unsuccessful.

Natanz is home to a fuel enrichment plant and a pilot fuel enrichment plant,the International Atomic Energy Agency said in a report on Iran’s nuclear program published last week. North Korea, which conducted two nuclear tests in 2006 and 2009, revealed a year ago that it is running a uranium enrichment facility. Highly enriched uranium can be used to make weapons, providing Pyongyang with a second way of building

nuclear bombs in addition to its existing plutonium program.

Both North Korea and Iran are under United Nations sanctions for their nuclear programs.

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Iran Protesters Storm British Embassy in Tehran

Iranian protesters stormed the compound of the British Embassy in Iran’s capital, Tehran today, dramatically increasing international concern and raising

tensions over Iran’s nuclear program.

The attacks come amid heightened tensions following Iran’s decision to pass a law to expel the British ambassador to Tehran in retaliation for new British sanctions that cut off all ties with Iran’s financial sector.

The protesters are reported to have ransacked offices, burned the British flag – and as seen in the BBC report below, the Israeli and American flags as well –  and smashed embassy windows.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said: “The attack on the British embassy in Tehran today was outrageous and indefensible.” The Prime Minister also said that those responsible for the attacks must be prosecuted.

Russia – Iran’s closest ally – said the embassy attack was “unacceptable and deserving condemnation.”

All Embassy staff have been accounted for and no injuries have been reported.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry expressed “regret for certain unacceptable behaviour by a small number of protesters in spite of efforts by the police”.

The protesters clashed with riot police and chanted “the embassy of Britain should be taken over” and “death to England”.

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Caroline Glick: Stopping Iran

Leading journalist and Middle East expert Caroline Glick addressed the Center for Security Policy’s National Security Group on Capitol Hill. She discussed the possibility of

an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear weapons installations.

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