Exclusive Clip: “Apocalypse Now”

May 11, 2011

Exclusive Clip: “Apocalypse Now”
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11 thoughts on “Exclusive Clip: “Apocalypse Now”

  • We are living in an amazing time. God ,(no matter what name you choose to call Him),is about to put things back in place for all mankind. It is by all indications both Biblically and historically the last days. In truth and shocking reality-It Is The” Last” day. You don’t have to be a prophet or a professor to figure it out. The Bible is full off signs. One day is as a thousand years to our creator.

  • Compelling.

    I have worked overseas, with ME issues, research. My academic foundations are
    revolutions, economics, culture, in ME and Latin America.

    Question–how much Islamic radical influence is impacted in Latin America? I have worked there also and not seen much yet. What is your observation?


  • The signs of the Times have never been more evident than they are today. I am in my middle 70’s and have never seen it more evident than it is in this day and age. The enemy of our souls is fighting for all he is worth, because he knows the time is close at hand. Oh, that we would see and understand that we need to be ready to meet our Maker.

  • We are NOT living in the last days; however some would head us in that direction. There is considerably more that must be fullfilled.

  • Political correctness is a crazy thing…..we live with evil governments threatening the world and yet we’re brainwashed into believing things like Islam is a peaceful religion. I can hear the groans already….yes most Muslims are peaceful but even a small percentage of fanatics of the worlds most populous religion means they take literally the most unpeaceful of religious doctrines and enact on them.

  • As a Christian myself, I’m trully ashamed that whilst we abhor the child suiside bombers and the mothers who make that decision for them. What the difference, in the western world the decicion to abort their babies is made, not for any higher reason often than to be able to afford some trinkets or a second car etc. Now none of that is to advance a belief system (rather a non-belief system). So us feeling sqermish about child suiside bombers, whilst ignoring the holecaust perpetrated on our not yet born babies is to say at least hypocritical. The total tally would make king Herod proud of our abortion factories and the western regimes that support this with taxpayers monies. A (silent) crying shame!

  • It is established that no wicked kingdom will be established but fall. This is the beginning of the fall a wicked kingdom

  • As this is a world problem surely all the world leaders should be urgently forming a coalition and hopefully arriving at a consensus on how this threat to all humanity is to be dealt with…..a good start could be to get China.India,Russia, the USA and the UK.working together….if they are unable to do this,it becomes obvious that a new world order is long overdue and that it is probably too late!

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