The film the Iranian regime doesn’t want you to see

Guest Speaker:
Congressman Robert Dold &
Amir Fakhravar, Saghar Erica Kasraie
Confederation of Iranian Students
Date: Thursday, April 28, 2011
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: AMC Northbrook Court 14. 1525 Lake Cook Road. Northbrook, IL
Phone (Theatre):  847-562-1620

Ticket Price:    General Admision $15  |  Student $5


Online Receipts will serve as your ticket.

Hosted by:
Clarion Fund

Sponsored by:
To Protect Our Heritage PAC
Richard Becker
Confederation of Iranian Students
David Horowitz Freedom Center
Republican Jewish Coalition
Stand With Us
Unity Coalition for Israel

Looking forward to seeing you at the showing.

Pollution and Waste

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5. Level Up Your Social Life

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How things went in high school doesn’t matter. Some people felt like they’d failed at something important despite getting the highest grades in the class. They’d specialized in all the wrong skills, screwed up the conversation trees, and they didn’t have enough party members to proceed. Possibly because they’d spent far too long playing RPGs like Chrono Trigger.

Square Enix

Chrono Trigger gave me wildly unrealistic romantic expectations.

College is the part where you leave your crappy Generic Home Village and march into the world, suddenly able to do things and meet new characters. Your mission is to explore and level up, and you do it the same way as in the game: walking up to as many new people as possible. College is a cheap Michael Kors handbags social accelerator. Instead of dumping you in a Cheap Michael Kors Outlet city where everyone already has friends and automatically assumes strangers are hiding a knife, they take in a horde of brand new people at the same time, then Michael Kors From China stuff the place with societies whose sole function is to get people together based on shared interests. Join with as many as possible, and that applies to both societies and people.Articles Connexes:

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