The Clarion Fund, producer of the films Obsession and The Third Jihad, is producing a new film on the Iranian Nuclear threat.  We believe that this is the most important and time-sensitive film we could make at this time.

Since the inception of the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran has displayed an absolute hatred for the West.  Coupled with an extremist ideology, this regime has terrorized the world at large for over 30 years.

Our 45-minute film will explore the principles of the revolution, and visually demonstrate the hatred and violence exhibited by Iran’s brutal leadership.  The film will document the regime’s abusive treatment of their once proud citizenry, and will chronicle the regime’s use of terror proxies abroad to inflict deadly messages on their self-described enemies.

It is the goal of the Iranian leadership to spread the radical Islamic revolution with all available resources.  This extremist worldview is ingrained in the state’s constitution and apparatuses, and has been supported by the actions of the regime’s leaders.

Since the start of the revolution, the unelected Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has established a stranglehold on the Iranian government, military and economy.  Any attempts from within to bring alternative leadership have been violently muted.

Now 30 years after the start of the revolution, Iran is on the cusp of crossing the nuclear threshold.  By many estimates, Iran is less than a year away from producing a nuclear weapon—if not sooner.  Iran has consistently tried to disguise the intention and progress of its nuclear program, playing a careful game of aggressive gamesmanship and deceptive diplomacy.

The development of a nuclear program has only added to the already immense danger posed by this regime.  The numerous threat scenarios posed by a nuclear Iran are beyond frightening.

All the while Western powers—and in particular the United States—have dangerously misread the intentions of the Iranian regime.  Furthermore, Western banks, corporations and even governments have continually supported the Iranian Revolution, placing oil and other economic interests above the safety of their constituents.

It is for all these reasons that diplomatic negotiations with Iran have failed since 1979, and would likely continue to fail.

Most importantly, the film will present a wide array of options to combat the threat.  The film will target influential U.S. interest groups and policy makers while remaining both straightforward and down-to-earth.  After viewing the film, the general public will be able to understand the critical nature of the threats and encourage a movement aimed at preventing the further advancement of the Iranian regime and its nuclear arsenal.

Lakers to retire Shaquille O’Neal’s jersey before playing Mavericks

Dallas’ 109 106 victory over Houston in the 1991 92 season’s home finale was an act of monumental stupidity, maybe the biggest in franchise history. Make that NBA history.

The evidence, like a recurrent nightmare, will be painfully vivid again Thursday night when Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers visit American Airlines Center.

Everyone knows the 7 1, 330 pound O’Neal is the most imposing player of this or perhaps any generation. Few recall that when Dallas won its last two games of 1991 92, it swapped places in the draft lottery with Orlando, which drew the No. 1 pick: O’Neal.

Over the years, it has become easier to rationalize. Maybe it wasn’t that lost pingpong ball that cost the Mavericks O’Neal. Even if Dallas got him, maybe he would have bolted for LA, anyway, as he did after four seasons in Orlando.

“Would I have stayed in Dallas?” ponders O’Neal, for a millisecond.

“Hell, yeah. I love Dallas.

“I would have had a house in Frisco. I would have had another house in Denton. It would have been great.”

Perhaps O’Neal, ever playful at cheap jerseys age 31, just enjoys tormenting

Mavericks fans, as evidenced by his Magic and Lakers teams’ 28 5 record against Dallas.

Or maybe he isn’t kidding. He does own a home and commercial property in Frisco, and he played high school basketball in San Antonio.

What cheap jerseys from china if? What would the last 11 years have been like had the Mavericks not won those two worthless cheap jerseys china games, had the lottery god smiled upon them, had Kazaam settled in North Texas, gobbling property like “carmal” candy bars, turning Frisco into Shaqtown?

Follow along, if you can stomach it. Draw your own conclusions.

Smile, if only to avoid crying because in this story, It Would Have Been A Wonderful Life, George Bailey was never born and Dallas for most of the 1990s was the NBA’s Pottersville.

The Mavericks are a so so 48 26 entering Thursday’s game against the Lakers, largely because Shaquille O’Neal has been hobbled by an aching big toe. But O’Neal and the Mavericks are closing on their 10th straight 50 plus win campaign and no one wants to face them in the playoffs.

The Lakers are, for them, cheap jerseys a respectable 40 35 behind mercurial Kobe Bryant, who averages 38 points while hoisting 45 shots per game.

But Los Angeles, Dallas’ playoff nemesis during the late ’80s, is 7 26 against the Mavericks since Shaq arrived.

Increasing the odds

Entering the final three days of the 1991 92 season, the Mavericks had the NBA’s second worst record (20 60) and, it seemed, a 15.15 percent chance of landing O’Neal.

But before the home finale against Houston, Carter walked into the locker room and told the coaches and players “Get this one tonight.”

So they did, rallying from a 103 97 deficit in the final four minutes, with Herb Williams’ free throw breaking a 106 106 tie with 16.8 seconds left.

The next night, Orlando lost its season finale at New Jersey, finishing 21 61. The Mavericks still had a chance to tie the Magic and have a blind draw for the right to have 10 pingpong balls (out of 66) in the lottery.

Instead, Dallas won its season ender at Denver, 104 92, leaving it with nine pingpong balls and a 13.65 percent chance of getting the top pick. No big deal, right?

Carter, wearing a new Stetson and clutching a supposedly lucky rock, looked on ashen faced while Charlotte, which had only four pingpong balls, got the No. 2 pick. Minnesota, the team with the worst record, was drawn third, leaving Dallas with No. 4.Articles Connexes:

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