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Women in the Islamic Republic

On Monday the birth anniversary of Fatima, the daughter of the prophet Muhammad, which is “Women’s Day” in Iran, Ahmadinejad said there is no limitation on the progress of women in the?Islamic?Republic. The President also criticized the way Western society … Continue reading

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Iranian officials and 9/11

According to two defectors from Iran?s intelligence services, Iranian officials had ?foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks.? The defectors testified in a federal lawsuit in NY which seeks damages for 9/11 families from the Iranian government for its ?direct support for, … Continue reading

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The Iran – Al Qaeda Bond

A recently-released Congressional report alleges that Iran?s Al-Quds force, in addition to causing problems for the U.S. in Iraq, offers support to Al Qaeda. The report, which highlights the increasing strength of Iran-Al Qaeda ties, states that these ties were … Continue reading

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Iranium – The Film Tehran REALLY Doesn't Want You to See

The Iranian government has?condemned Iranium as an attempt to thwart the regime’s “peaceful” nuclear activities. Watch the full film NOW, free of charge below. From Press TV: Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast condemns a documentary against Tehran’s nuclear program, … Continue reading

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Venezuela Getting in the Way of Sanctions

After a pause of 2 years, Venezuela will resume gasoline shipments to Iran. The Energy Intelligence Group reports that the shipments are a “gesture of goodwill” from Venezuela after American and European sanctions have restricted fuel imports to Iran. Read … Continue reading

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Canada in Diplomatic Row with Iran, Vows to Screen Documentary Iranium

NEW YORK, Jan. 20, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Canadian Minister of Heritage James Moore has vowed that a screening of the documentary film Iranium will soon take place at the National Archives following the cancelation of the film?s showing earlier this … Continue reading

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Iranian Opposition Maker Jailed

What happens to film makers in Iran who dare to criticize the government? Jafar Panahi was sentenced to six years in prison , and banned from directing and producing films for the next 20 years, because of his work on … Continue reading

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Think Twice before Insulting the President

Going to jail for simply criticizing elected officials? Sounds crazy. But in Iran, this is the reality. Mashallah Shamsolvaezin, a well-known reformist Iranian journalist was sentenced in October, to 16 months in prison for insulting President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and undermining … Continue reading

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