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As Energy Costs Soar, Iranian Cinemas Threaten Closure

It seems that another casualty of Iran’s soaring energy costs might be its cinemas. “After the implementation of the (subsidy) plan, the price of electricity, water and gas increased by 10 to 15 times, while the income of the cinemas … Continue reading

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Iran executes 17-Year Old Teenager

After China, Iran has the highest execution rate in the world. So far this year, more than 200 people have been executed in Iran, the majority of whom were charged with drug-related offences. cure for diabetes A group of independent … Continue reading

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Iranian Suicide Rate Soars

On average, 10 Iranians commit suicide each day and the suicide rate is climbing at a disturbing rate (up 17% in the last two years). Ahmad Shaja’i, the country’s chief of forensic medicine, told the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) … Continue reading

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Iranians boycott electricity bills

Fed up with the soaring cost of living, the Iranian people are hitting back with a silent, and so far highly under-reported protest by refusing to pay their utility bills. As temperatures soar, the Iranian government is so far keeping the … Continue reading

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Innocent fun leads to government crackdown

Who hasn’t at some point in their life, enjoyed an innocent water fight – especially on a sweltering hot summer’s day? That’s just what the youth of Tehran Iran thought would be fun to do as a way to let … Continue reading

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What else is "un-Islamic?"

The Iranian regime has deployed thousands of “moral police” to go after men wearing necklaces and women with loose-fitting headscarves, tight jackets, and pants that showskin. The country’s leaders have stated that such forms of dress are “un-Islamic” and bear … Continue reading

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