Iran Human Rights Violations Continue

A graphic video, released by Amnesty International on Thursday, shows guards standing on top of buses on July 19th to hang 3 convicts sentenced to death by hanging after being found guilty of rape. The video shows that the executions attracted a large order cialis without prescription crowd, including children. Individuals in the crowd appear[…]

Iranian Leaders Target U.S. Planes

An IRGC commander threatened Saturday that if the Iranian regime comes under attack over Iran’s nuclear program, U.S. aircraft carriers will be targeted. The Islamic Republic has threatened violent responses to cheap viagra online strikes from the West in the past, but this declaration seemingly emphasizes the expanding range of Iranian missiles after more than[…]

The IRGC is Everywhere

In a speech Tuesday, IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps) commander Gen.Mohammad Ali Jafari divulged that his military branch is overseeing Iran’s domestic politics, and is heavily involved in the country’s economy and energy sector. essay on diversity Jafari said U.S. claims that Iran could have a nuclear bomb in the next few years are nonsense.[…]

Monkey Business

The Iranian regime has plans to send a monkey into space next month as part of its space program. This move is likely to spark fears from Western countries regarding the progress of the buy cheap cialis Iran’s nuclear weapons program. The regime’s long-range ballistic technology used in the space program, could potentially be used[…]

And the arrests continue…

Iranian human rights activist and documentary filmmaker Mahnaz Mohammadi was arrested Sunday in Tehran, Iran. The opposition website Kaleme reported that the reasons for her arrest were “unknown.” solar panels for home This is Mohammadi’s second arrest. The first was in 2009 as she laid a wreath on the grave of Neda Ahga-Soltan, a young woman who was[…]

Messages of Peace and Friendship?

News from Iran: the Iranian Revolutionary Guards will be test firing different range ballistic missiles starting today. A Guards commander said these exercises are “a message of peace and friendship to the countries of the area.” weight loss for men The government of Iran has previously claimed to have a wide range of missiles, some[…]

What else is "un-Islamic?"

The Iranian regime has deployed thousands of “moral police” to go after men wearing necklaces and women with loose-fitting headscarves, tight viagra cheap jackets, and pants that showskin. content writing services The country’s leaders have stated that such forms of dress are “un-Islamic” and bear witness to “the western cultural invasion.” help me write my[…]

Arrested on the Anniversary

Iran protests have again taken place in Tehran, on the anniversary cheap viagra online of the disputed2009 Iranian elections. The opposition website reported that hundreds of Iranians were arrested and attacked by riot police yesterday, while marching peacefully and silently. essays on education cigar wholesale The site added that authorities had ordered shops and public[…]

Iranian Activist Dies after Hunger-Strike

The latest news from Iran: discount viagra an Iranian dissident, Reza Hoda Saber, died of a heart attack today after a 10-day hunger strike, according to reports by an opposition site, best online cigar store A journalist and a member of Iran’s opposition movement, Saber was arrested two years ago in the aftermath of[…]