This joint petition is brought to you by No Nukes for Iran and Iranium, and will be presented to Congress on our behalf.

I, the undersigned, believe that the government of Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism and a violator of human rights.

I recognize that a nuclear Iran poses a threat to:

America, the Middle East, the Free World,
and last but not least, the Iranian People.

And I realize that negotiations will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

I support efforts to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold, including:

  • Educating others about the threat
  • Urging politicians and policymakers to take the threat more seriously
  • Divesting from Iranian businesses and charitable organizations
  • Passing stronger sanctions against Iran until it stops enrichment activities

I fully support the Iranian people in their efforts to free themselves from brutal dictatorship.

And I believe that Western governments should¬†denounce the current leaders of Iran¬†and¬†state their clear support for Iran’s growing democratic movements.

* Your personal information will only be used for presentation to Congress.

Make your own brand

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There are millions and millions of websites on the Internet. You NEED to be different in some way from all of them! If you could get a visitor to your website, that means nothing. Only returning visitors must be counted. When they return the second time, “branding” starts to occur. Huge companies advertise not because they want to provide you with information about their product. They do that because they’re trying to “brand” its name and image. Actually, it is the brand you are paying the money for when you buy something from “Adidas or People will actually be willing to pay for the brand they know, so make it as bright and memorable as possible. However, it is useful to remember that too complex logo will definitely slip out of peoples’ minds.

Have you seen small companies with the better products then the leaders in their industry and with the lower prices? When you actually pay the money to a big company for some wholesale jerseys service or product, be sure that 30% or even more from the price of the product will be the “branding” expenses. But why would you waste 30% on company branding? The thing is that branded companies make people feel safer, especially when they purchase through internet. Think for yourself when you would feel safer if you give your credit card number to an unknown company but with the attractive prices or to a company everyone knows and trusts, even if their price is a bit more expensive? The answer is simple, right? If you want to be a recognizable company, be ready to spend even more than 30% when you start your website.

“Branding” plays the same role in online business as in the regular one. If people see your banners, links, adds, etc. all over the related websites, they begin to cheap jerseys from china recognize your company. First, they do that unconsciously, than after running into your website several times they will recognize your logo, website, etc.

Let’s think how we can brand our website online.

1) Before you start branding I would recommend studying the methods your competitors used. That may be very useful as you may borrow some of their techniques. Links, text ads, graphic banners and any other means you can think of. Your logo, company name or business slogan should be everywhere on the business related websites.

4) Web design companies very often offer free redesign services and discounts on web design cheap jerseys for the companies that provide a link back to their website on their pages. That is another way of branding.

5) Offer affiliate percentage from sales if they agree to place a banner or a link to your website. (You should have affiliate program up and running in this case)

There are many other wholesale jerseys ways to brand your company. Different companies use different methods and techniques. When you start your own business you will have to study them and select which one is better for your needs and your pocket. If you would be able to brand your company, it may bring you millions and millions of dollars.Articles ConnexesÔľö

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