This joint petition is brought to you by No Nukes for Iran and Iranium, and will be presented to Congress on our behalf.

I, the undersigned, believe that the government of Iran is a state-sponsor of terrorism and a violator of human rights.

I recognize that a nuclear Iran poses a threat to:

America, the Middle East, the Free World,
and last but not least, the Iranian People.

And I realize that negotiations will not prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

I support efforts to prevent Iran from crossing the nuclear threshold, including:

  • Educating others about the threat
  • Urging politicians and policymakers to take the threat more seriously
  • Divesting from Iranian businesses and charitable organizations
  • Passing stronger sanctions against Iran until it stops enrichment activities

I fully support the Iranian people in their efforts to free themselves from brutal dictatorship.

And I believe that Western governments should denounce the current leaders of Iran and state their clear support for Iran’s growing democratic movements.

* Your personal information will only be used for presentation to Congress.

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