How to stop funding the nuclear program:
  • Boycott products produced by companies that do business with the Iranian regime.
  • Divest from businesses which fund the regime’s nuclear weapons program through trade.
  • Encourage local companies to certify that they do not conduct business in or with Iran.
  • Contact US officials to ensure our tax dollars are not paid to those supporting the regime.

United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) is committed to preventing Iran from fulfilling its ambition to acquire nuclear weapons. UANI’s Iranian Business Registry (IBR), is a running database of reports of international business in Iran.

Together with UANI, we hope to raise awareness of such business, which helps fund Iran’s nuclear weapons program.

Use the IBR to:
  • Guide your purchase decisions to boycott companies which trade with Iran
  • Identify your divestment decisions
  • Find and contact domestic companies with business ties to Iran
  • Contact elected officials about companies with business ties to Iran
  • Companies – Sign UANI’s declaration to certify you do not do business in or with Iran
  • Read UANI’s proposed legislation – The Iran Business Certification Act – which calls to ensure that U.S. tax dollars are not paid to companies doing business with Iran

Persuade local companies to screen Iranium in their offices, and sign UANI’s declaration certifying that they do not conduct business in or with Iran.

Appeal to the government to force companies to choose – either do business with Iran, or do business with the United States – not both.

For more information, visit:

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