Proclaiming Justice to the Nations together with the producers of Iranium invite you to join us for a film premiere.

Date: Tuesday February 8, 2011
Time: 7:00 – 9:00PM
Location: Carmike Cinema Thoroughbred 20, 633 Frazier Drive, Franklin, TN

Ticket Price:  Free! Donations appreciated at the door.

If you have any questions about this event please contact: Candice Hays 615.778.0202 or

Looking forward to seeing you at the showing.

Liver Detox and Olive Oil

Using olive oil to flush out the liver works cheap jerseys from china by essentially overwhelming the gall bladder with more fat than it has bile to process. Unable to function, the gall bladder then signals the liver to immediately release all of its available bile into the shared bile duct. According to Dr. He is said to have referred to cheap nhl jerseys china it as, “the great therapeutic.” Greeks used it for centuries to mend abrasions and ease burns and to replenish supple, soft skin. Furthermore, olive oil has continually been used over the years in a variety of ways, internally and externally, for both health and beauty reasons. Food and Drug Administration, it may decrease the risk of coronary heart disease. Dr. Some liver flush programs found on line can be too harsh for some people, causing a depletion in electrolytes that creates intense fatigue and loss of vital nutrients. According to Neesha Maria Bukht, a certified fitness trainer with the International Sports Sciences Association and registered dietician with Indian Dietetic Association, although an olive oil detoxification will definitely get your system moving, it could be harmful for your system if done incorrectly. “Though the wholesale jerseys liver cleanse is supposed to reduce the cholesterol, the best, most effective and safe way to reduce your cholesterol would be to follow a long term moderate fat, low saturated cheap nfl jerseys fat diet through life,” she explains.Articles Connexes:

6 Insane Sex Myths People Used to Teach as Facts

Considering how obsessed people are with their junk, it is amazing how long it took humanity to finally figure out what it was all used for. The clitoris wasn’t fully mapped until 2005, which you may recognize as being about 160 years after the general layout of the solar system had been mapped. To be fair, at least we don’t treat the clitoris like a campfire ghost story, or set people on fire for having an extra nipple, or assure women that the cause for all of their ailments was a powerful need to masturbate. If you’d been born in a different time, you’d have been 100 percent invested in all three of those ideas, plus a handful of other wacky beliefs about the human underwear zone.

6. Testicles Were Sexual BallastTesticles are ridiculous. They can’t stand it when it’s too hot or too cold, and they’re located in a dangerous place where they can get knocked around or sat Michael Kors outlet on. They’re like a biological self destruct button dangling around inside a pouch in Michael Kors the least defensible area of your entire body.

Because most of the people in history who were allowed to study the human body were men, and therefore were obsessed with the functioning purpose of the groinal meat and two veg, we’ve known basically what testicles were for since at least around the time of the ancient Greeks. But the Greeks decided that firing babies into a woman’s body simply wasn’t awesome enough to be the sole job of the noble testicle and decided to add a bunch of completely unwarranted features to it, like an insurance quote on the GEICO website.”And put a ribbon on it, too. Why the hell not?”

Aristotle believed that the testicles were weights connected to the vocal cords through blood vessels. As a boy reached puberty and started to produce sperm, his testicles descended, thus pulling on the vocal cords and causing his voice to deepen, because “science” has worn many strange and fanciful masks over the centuries.

The Greeks were cheap Michael Kors handbags in a good position to test this hypothesis, considering they castrated people all the time. A castrated boy’s voice never dropped, which apparently proved Aristotle’s theory that the weight was no longer there to pull on the boy’s vocal cords. Nevertheless, its existence has been the subject of scientific debate for thousands of years (and is often even today). For example, the Greeks thought that michael kors handbags all sex acts required a penetrative aspect, so they assumed that all lesbians had , large Discount Michael Kors enough to have vaginal sex with another woman. Where they thought these women were hiding their shoehorn size clitorises is unclear perhaps they assumed the vagina was like a switchblade.

While the Greeks were obviously wrong, at least they acknowledged the clitoris’ existence. In the 1500s, a Belgian anatomist named Andreas Vesalius decided the clitoris didn’t exist, despite the fact that he was a physician who had seen several of them throughout the course of his career. He was like cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet the Agent Scully of female anatomy, stubbornly refusing to believe even though the evidence was literally staring him in the face all the time.

The reason Vesalius was so anti clitoris was because he that men and women’s genitals were exact opposites of each other, with the penis being the reverse of a vagina and the testicles the opposite of the ovaries. Since America was a beacon of hope and freedom and had been founded by immigrants, the Chinese were accepted into the newly formed Gold Rush communities with open arms and HA, wow. OK. There’s no way we can finish that with a straight face. They were totally treated like shit, forced to live in slums while working the worst jobs for slave wages. And that was just the men. Many of the women went into prostitution, since the double whammy of racism and sexism meant it was basically the only employment option open to them (when they weren’t being cheap Michael Kors handbags sold or kidnapped into it against their will, that is).

Anyway, at some point a rumor started among white male brothel patrons that Chinese women had a “,” meaning their vaginas were oriented horizontally instead Michael Kors from china of vertically. Despite the fact that this would be an enormous disability that, at the very least, would make it very difficult for Chinese women to walk, word of these “exotic” prostitutes and their impossible michael kors handbags vaginas spread far and wide. Ahem.

How this rumor managed to continue once someone had actually seen these women’s decidedly non sideways vaginas is unknown. But it didn’t stop in the 1800s American men fighting in the claimed afterward that the prostitutes they had visited overseas had the same sideways slit of legend. A quick Yahoo search reveals Replica Michael Kors Handbags that this is something many individuals still believe today, which in the grand scheme of the Internet is honestly not that surprising.Articles Connexes:

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