The Day After Iran’s Nuclear Test

An article on the website run by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards broke a taboo by anticipating the day after the regime’s first test of a nuclear weapon.

Here is an excerpt from the translation of the text:

The day after Islamic Republic of Iran’s first nuclear test will be an ordinary day for us Iranians but in the eyes of some of us there will be a new sparkle…

Like 90% of the year, there is news about Iran, and these are the headlines which can be seen on foreign news sites:

  • Reuters: Iran detonated its nuclear bomb
  • CNN: Iran detonated nuclear bomb
  • Al-Jazeera: The second Islamic nuclear bomb was tested
  • Al-Arabia: The Shia nuclear bomb was tested
  • Yahoo! News: Nuclear explosion in Iran
  • Jerusalem Post: Mullahs obtained nuclear weapon
  • Washington Post: Nuclear explosion in Iran, Shock and despair in Tel Aviv

Meanwhile, the domestic media will offer many congratulations to the Hidden Imam and

the Supreme Leader…

The rest of the text can be read here.