Water gun fights in Iran are back

The youth of Iran have invented their own unique version of the “flash mob” – they douse each other with water pistols in public spaces. What most of the world would view as harmless, innocent fun (not to mention a great way to stay cool during summer!) the Iranian police see as reckless civil disobedience. More people have been arrested in the last week and the crackdown looks set to continue.

It’s not just the youth who are being watched either. A woman in the

Iranian capital of Tehran who was in a local shopping center was shocked when a shop owner refused to sell her a plastic water gun that her 5-year-old daughter had seen in the shop window.

The shop owner said that they had been ordered not to sell water guns. When she insisted that her daughter would not carry it in public and that no one would know she got it from his shop, the toy-shop owner said, “I don’t want my shop to be closed for selling a water pistol.

He added that “the police have got the number of these pistols I have in stock and I am not allowed to sell a single one. They said they would check me every now and then.”

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