Ways of Remembering Khomeini

Iran marked the 22nd anniversary over the weekend of the death of the founder of theIslamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini, while the power struggle amongst Iran leaders continues.

At the same time, Syrian protesters chanted anti-Khomeini slogans and shouted “Neither Iran, nor Hezbollah.” Their anger stems from the Iran government’s and Hezbollah’s unwavering support for

the Syrian government, even as the regime brutally crushes its own people’s calls for democracy, and continues with its human rights violations.

3 thoughts on “Ways of Remembering Khomeini

  • till secularism isn’t a part of a nation’s belief, they won’t get anywhere with revolution or protest. the same is about Iran. People die on street protesting against the regime but believe in their hearts that true Islam can save them.
    If a reasonable person studied Islam carefully he would instantly understand that there is no room for democracy in Islam and Islamic government.

  • Is amazin how Muslims tells us to our face that the Bible or the christian Bible has been changed and is therefore corrupt but yet they use the same Bible to justify their so-called predictions of Mohammed. Hmmmm. I aks this question. The Koran has been abrogated so many times to fit their agenda why not add some Bible verses such as, “Love your neighbor as yourrself?”

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